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Choose Your Medical Billing Service to Suit Your Practice

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If you are in medical practice then you need to choose your software for medical billing service properly so that it can complement your size of practice. There may be standard software available for medical coding and billing that may suit more for any medical institution or maybe for certain individuals. However, if your need is different, then such software may not suit you well.

Therefore, following tips can be useful for finding right billing service company for your need.

  • Ask few questions to know about the company

Before choosing the service of the billing company, you need to find out how their service has benefitted their present clients. Try to understand what kind of billing solution they are offering with their service. Besides asking about the cost of their service, it is essential that you find out how they handle various billing issues and whether it suits as per your practice.

  • What kind of transparency will they provide

You need to convince yourself before agreeing to their billing service that they will send all the details of your claims and denials on real time basis so that you can act upon them in timely manner. Also, if there is any case of write off, charges on hold and any kind of adjustments then it must be brought to your notice so that you can act on it.

  • Is the company accredited?

It is necessary to know if the medical billing company is working according to the legal procedure of the respective state. You need to ask relevant question in order to know whether they are certified for billing related job. Also, it will be of your interest to know whether they comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System). Also, enquire if they are registered with any Business Bureau.

  • How do they charge?

There are different ways of charging

  1. Partly fixed model
  2. Percentage model
  3. Fixed fee model

Try to find the details of each model and find out which will be suiting to you.

  • Training of your staff

The billing company will provide you all the necessary services however sometime you or your staffs also need to access the system in order to verify any records. Therefore, you and your staffs need to be properly trained how to access the system.

With the above tips, you can minimize the error in your billing and concentrate on your profession.

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