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Looking for Real Anavar To Buy Online? Here are Some Tips

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If you need to buy Anavar without a prescription then it is not going to be easy in certain countries. Anavar was developed by Searle Labs in 1964 and its generic name is oxandrolone. Currently Pfizer has taken over the company since 2003 and they are also having the patent for this anabolic androgenic steroid. It has been approved by FDA, but it is listed as a controlled drug and hence in the USA it is available for purchase only with a prescription. Due to its high demand it is sometimes difficult to obtain it even from online sources.

Anavar short review

The property of Anavar is almost same as testosterone steroid, but it is much safer than many other steroids. It is available as a pill, and also in other forms so that you can rub on the skin or shot into your muscle. Comparatively it is considered to be one of the safest anabolic steroids. There are only few side effects that will only be experienced if someone abuses it by taking higher dosage. As a matter of fact, every anabolic steroid has side effects and the side effects of Anavar are much milder.

Dosage for cutting

Take 10 mg of Anavar which is considered to be a mild dose. Taking too high dose could lead to menstrual irregularities, vomiting and nausea. Prolonged usage may change sex drive or can be a reason for cancer or liver failure. Pregnant women must avoid taking this drug. If anyone notices intense stomach pain, darkening of urine and intense tiredness then they must consult the doctor immediately.

Even pharmaceutical grade Anavar from Pfizer is considered to be an addictive substance and may be the reason for sleeping disorder, neurological issues, anxiety, oily skin and genital problems. Anavar is basically meant for medical use, however bodybuilders especially among female bodybuilders it is quite popular.

Its usual medical use is for treatment of hepatitis, AIDS and anemia. After any major surgery, Anavar is prescribed for promoting bone density and tissue growth. It is also useful for treatment of chronic infection.

Anavar for bodybuilders

Bodybuilders around the world have discovered that Anavar can help them to increase muscle strength and endurance. The drug that was made for medical treatment became news for doping scandal involving a professional like Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong. Since then it has become so famous that even athletes of school and college levels have also started using it.

Anavar can certainly increase endurance and allow lifters to lift much heavier weight during competition.

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